About Laus Deo Gold

Laus Deo Gold is a full-service precious metals dealer specializing in helping our clients protect wealth from the challenges of economic uncertainty through owning Gold delivered directly to your door.

Making the decision to own Gold is a significant step forward in protecting wealth, diversifying your portfolio into an asset that has preserved purchasing power and outperformed markets for the last decade.

Laus Deo Gold was founded with the conviction that providing physical Gold and Silver to investors is a noble, valuable service.  We will work faithfully in helping you protect and grow your wealth for a strong, prosperous future.

Buying Gold with LDG

Laus Deo Gold makes buying Gold and Silver simple, transparent, straightforward.

Many of our clients have never owned Gold before. We will walk you through the buying process – step by step – helping build a Gold Portfolio of Protection according to your needs.

There are many companies competing for your business.  We deserve your trust because of our unique company culture of honesty, fairness, and being of genuine service to our clients.  Whether you’re buying gold, or selling back to us, you will have complete peace of mind knowing you are being dealt with honestly, fairly, with a reliable, professional company behind you.